At Little Amigos we have meal times a bit different from other centres.


We have;

8.30am to 9.00am Breakfast (morning tea) which is:

Fruits, cereals, toast, crumpets, pancakes, porridge and fruit yoghurts.


11.15am Lunch which is:

Sandwiches, noodles, vegetables, beans, spaghetti, crackers, cheese, fruit and tuna.  


3.00pm  Start Dinner

Meats, fish, potatoes, pasta, vegetables and rice.


4.30pm Fruit time


Water and milk will be given during the day.



The reason for doing meal times a bit different from centres is for the parents!! This is so when parents have finished work they will not have to worry about dinner for their young ones as they would have had a proper meal.


If children have any allergies please let me know ASAP.

Please ask daily if you would like to know what your child has eaten.